Cycladic Harp-Player Small


Cycladic Period Harp-Player Idol made of Softstone.

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Cycladic Period Harp-Player Idol made of Softstone.

The Cycladic Harp-Player was found inside a grave, at the Aegean Island of Keros. There are only about 10 of these figurines and they are dated back to 2700-2300 BCE. These musicians are sometimes considered “the earliest extant musicians from the Aegean” they are unique samples of the early Cycladic Period. The statue presents an harp-player playing what is considered to be an harp or a lyre. He is sitting on an elaborate throne facing the sky. The statue is exposed at the National Archaeological Museum of Greece.

The Cycladic Period (3200-1100 BC) coincides with the Early Bronze Age in Cyclades Islands. It is also called Cycladic Period. The name Cyclades used by ancient Greek writers to describe the dense cluster of small islands that form an invisible circle around Delos, the sacred island and place of worship of Apollo. These islands were the cradle of an important culture, the Cycladic Civilization, that flourished in the 3rd millennium BC.

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