Athena’s Owl Small


Statue of an Owl made from Softstone.


Statue of an Owl made from Softstone.

Owl was identified with wisdom since ancient times. It was considered by the ancient Greeks as the symbol of the goddess Athena. Regarding the reference of the Alexandrian lexicographer Hesychius, before the battle of Salamis, an owl had flown as a harbinger of the victory of the Greeks. This fact is indicative of the worship of the bird by the ancient Greeks.

We refer to Classical Period as the Period that high achievements in the field of culture were recorded. During this period Athens becomes the cultural ans intellectual center of the Greek world, attracting most of the biggest artists, architects, philosophers and poets. Under Pericles inspiration and guidance great building projects were involved, including Parthenon (447-432BC)

Regarding Art Classical period is subdivided into smaller periods, each one marked by social and political developments. These are the Early Classical Period (479-450BC) the Mature Classical Period (450-425BC), the Rich Style (425-380BC) and the Late Classic Period (380-323 BC).

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